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We are rebranding!

Ralph Lewis Telecom Specialist is now Cumulus Telecom LLC

We are making this change to reflect not only our continued emphasis on telecom services as always, but also our additional emphasis on Cloud Services. Be sure to visit our new web site


* We see if a company's current voice and/or data network needs to be fixed - if their provider(s) are charging them too much, if their technology is outdated or too expensive, if there are any savings to be realized. This work is done on a contingency basis - the fee is a percentage of the savings produced. If you have your telecom expense management under control, we will confirm that for you; if not, we will show you how to reduce your costs.

* We help companies with their selection process for phone lines, Internet access, and data networks if they are in purchase mode - opening new locations, adding services, renewing contracts.

In order to be able to do these two things, we need to be able to find the best value in services - which we usually can do. We have relationships with most of the providers, vendors, and carriers, and are more than willing to aggressively negotiate contracts and purchases for the benefit of our Clients.

You cannot know for sure if you are being overcharged or overbilled or were oversold  But, when you are dealing with telephone company & carrier contacts, you are usually talking to commissioned and/or incented individuals. They are not paid to look out for your best interests, but our consultants are.

We are independant telecom consultants based in Houston, Texas who evaluate voice / data services and networks to identify opportunities for savings and improvements.

Over the last (17) years, we have assisted over (600) companies and saved them in excess $39,000,000 - and they're still counting!  Companies we have helped range from some of the largest companies to some of the smallest, as well as non-profits, local and state government, school districts, and universities.

We specialize in helping multi-location companies manage and improve the budget and performance of communications between their locations and with their customers (phone lines, Internet access and data networks), which includes converged voice and data, VoIP, VPN, and Call Centers.

Sunday, July 22, 2018
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